Man’s innocent snap of his breakfast sparks fury as some brand it a ‘national tragedy’


As with most things these days, food is something that everyone seems to have an opinion on.

We’ve seen the success of social media accounts like Rate My Plate, where everyone can have their say on someone’s meal – and people don’t hold back their thoughts.

Most recently one man has shared an innocent snap of his breakfast online – and people were quick to pick it apart.

A Twitter user named Jordan Mead posted a photo of two Full English breakfasts but some branded the cooking an “abomination” due to the inclusion of one specific item on the plates.

The photos were shared on Sunday, July 17 and the post was captioned: “Name a better start to a Sunday than a full English!”

More than 700 people have since replied to the tweet, with many outraged that Jordan had added baked beans and peas.

Others didn’t like that he’d used vegetarian gammon instead of rashers of bacon.

One person said: “No bacon, no tomatoes and peas. Needs to go in bin.”

Another wrote: “Peas?? No bacon, mushrooms, black pudding. That isn’t a full English.”

A third responded: “While that is a tasty looking dish, you are bending the limits of the name ‘full English’ lol. Peas?”

Even Deliveroo got involved in the conversation, with their official account saying: “Not sure about the peas though.”

A different user branded the meal “a national tragedy”, while some claimed they’d reported Jordan’s tweet over the fact he’d added peas to the plate.

However, not everyone was horrified by the inclusion of peas – with one even encouraging Jordan to swap them for mushy peas.

“Mushy peas then this is 11/10,” proclaimed someone else.

A sixth simply claimed Jordan had “nailed it”.